Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hi there!  My name is Kim.  This site is not about anything, in particular, just whatever happens to be on my mind at the time.  For a little information, however, I like to quilt, so you can expect pics from time to time.  I'm also quite an aggressive driver, so you may find the occasional road-rage rant. 

Racing Quilt - this is my latest "completion".  I made it for someone who is an avid racing fan, which explains the checkered flag-type chains :)  Racing also refers to the heart, in various states of existence - nervous, excited, scared $#!t-less...  The inner border was paper-pieced.  Then, when I was ready to attach the outer border, I wasn't happy with the fabric, so I made another, wider paper-pieced border, which set me back about three months.  Anyway, I think the end result was worth it!  Oh yeah, the hearts are quilted in a blanket-stitch and the borders are quilted in a meandering stitch - my first attempt at this on a finished product, rather than just for practice.  Kind of stressed out about it at first, but I quickly became more comfortable (and adept) at it.

Thanks for visiting my blog... chat with you soon!